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Inventions and ideas are in a mode of strict confidentiality which prevents us from presenting our ideas to the wide public by means of the company’s website. For the reasons mentioned above it’s also impossible to reveal on which projects we work or what we’re engaged in.

Publicly available information is presented only in the pie charts displayed above. These charts cover the broad range of our interests and the number of projects which are currently in the stage of being evaluated with regards to their feasibility and viability.

The scope of our activities is broad. Currently, we’re mostly deal with projects which aren’t overly represented on the market, or completely new ventures that will set new trends in the field of services and products; new technologies and services which will move the whole of human society further.

Individual ideas are considered to the smallest details so that we can be certain that their prospective implementation will be successful. Among other things, we also consider strengths, opportunities and threats, but also other local and global influences that might have an effect on our projects.

As a side note, we deal with mainly financial consultancy in regards with: actual damage; appraisal of movable property; creating websites; software development; outdoor products; products of daily-use; health-hygiene products; etc. These are mainly projects in various stages of development which we’ll try to launch and thus include into our portfolio of implemented products and services.

Because the scope of our interests is unlimited, we can develop in a dynamic manner and respond as currently necessary..


Human evolution is based on the natural human instinct to keep innovating the current state of things, to develop new products and services, be better than others, push the boundaries of our abilities, and discover the undiscovered.

All current services and products were created by the human desire for perpetual improvement and development.

This human desire for perfecting the world is in full symbiosis with the nature where only the best survive.


Development and innovation are natural instincts for us as much as for humanity itself.

Give us a product and we’ll improve it; give us an idea and we’ll suggest a new product or service. We’re perfectionists and positive critics of the current state; that’s why it’s natural for us to change things for the better and come up with new ones which fly under the radar of other people.

Show us a problem and we’ll turn it into an opportunity. The world isn’t perfect; this allows us to make use of our potential. We naturally operate in the realm beyond the perception of others..


Specific inventions and ideas are placed in a secret mode in order to maintain our competitive advantage and the possibility of applying for legal protection.

The A Z V O company doesn’t make its projects open to the general public or to potential partners. We select our own suitable partners with whom we’d like to work on implementing specific projects, and only in cases that concern a project which is suitable for implementation on the basis of partnership.

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